::Esteban Santiago exposed the F-35 costly strategy


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So there is a guy in Fort Lauderdale who kills 5 civilians.

The sherriff says:

people with mental illness shouldn't have guns

So everybody who is desperate is now mentally ill.

If you go in that direction stupid Sheriff, it won't be too long before you fight crime with a baton. It won't be too long before liberal's funded research ( which is an idiosyncracy) discovers that wanting a gun is a mental condition with proven links to the DNA responsible for mental illness.

Next thing you know guns will be illegal. Because everyone wanting one will not be fit. Except maybe Liberal talking Sheriff nobody.

You think liberal thinking like your statement is going to get people's real enemy disappear.

With no way to communicate, with no way to express desperation. Working jobs where you endanger your life like this veteran.

The real drama and desperation that people are facing today is that most of us work tiring jobs for low wages, with no decent retirement plan if any.

And it comes down to always the same jews and other pedantic fucks with minds aiming at attractive ideas that don't work. Such as equality. It works for them?

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