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"The Adventures of Dunno and his Friends" book cover

Dunno, or Know-Nothing (Russian: Незнайка{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}, Neznayka that is Don'tknowka (ka - the Russian suffix here for drawing up the whole name in a cheerful form); from the Russian phrase "не знаю{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}" ("ne znayu"), I don't know) is a hero created by Soviet children's writer Nikolay Nosov.

Dunno, recognized by his bright blue hat, canary-yellow trousers, orange shirt, and green tie, is the title character of Nosov's world-famous trilogy, The Adventures of Dunno and his Friends (1954), Dunno in Sun City (1958), and Dunno on the Moon (1966). There have been several movie adaptations of the books.

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