::Deranged by China


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..comes from deranked.

Put out of range by external factors.

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DERANGED Press-Updated

Insanity looms, like a spectrum that throws all of us simple Americans into the complex realms of schyzophrenia.

It’s loosing status, loosing power, loosing rights.

==Going Crazy Nation

Historically we elect presidents to represent us.

If we are deranged by China, we need to elect someone that reflects that.

Not any more?

Because so many women are more deranged by male women inequalities inside the U.S. than foreign policies.

Unfortunately women do not understand the priority.

The priority is that our way of life is based on commerce.

Consumers, manufacturers, industries, trade are what powers 2016’s U.S. economy.

No longer values, no longer male and women, but economics.

The western civilization is doomed. The eastern civilization will endure like it always did for more than 5000 years.

In all this, women want to get their rights back, like the last attempt to explain the western civilization before it final collapses.

To show how far the west went with it, in liberalization, freedom, melting pots, cultures swaps, immigration policies, foreign trades and exchanges.

Ultimately the west will be remembered as the great giant with its Achille Heel. It was so liberal it was dumb.

Women, immigration, helping the poor, socialism, is doomed.

As the last reference, the final bow, before giving the flame of leadership to China. Or rather falling with it, and China picking it up.

That is our last statement, not giving up, continuing the same policies as before.

For the first time in recent history electing a democratic presidential candidate a third time in the row.

The elite, via the press, are announcing that next elections better presidents will be candidate.

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