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Criteria An award of the President of Ukraine, the "Defender of the Motherland" Medal is awarded to war veterans, who live in Ukraine, as well as citizens of other countries which participated in the liberation of Ukraine from Nazi occupation. It may also be awarded to other citizens of Ukraine for personal courage and bravery while protecting the public interest, and strengthening the defense and security of Ukraine.<ref>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }}</ref>

The medal is awarded by decree of the President of Ukraine. It is presented by the President, heads of central and local executive power bodies, leaders of military formations and foreign representatives. The medal may be awarded posthumously. The "Defender of the Motherland" Medal may be revoked by the President of Ukraine in cases of the recipient being convicted of a grave crime.<ref name=MoD/>

"Defender of the Motherland" Medal
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