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Concepts are a fabrication of the mind that provides a stimulus about an idea. Stimuli can be generally associated to anything. Whether a feeling, a thought, any reference to another idea by association, it provides the impetus that propels the idea into a concept. The difference between an idea and a concept is that a concept is generally less complex than an idea. An idea is formed of different concepts. Concepts are the atomic entities of ideas that form primal ideas, concepts.

Without concepts man cannot organize thinking and is animalistic in nature. It's concepts that gave man the ability to organize, and it's because because man found the way to organize that he created concepts in his mind.

Animal comes from anima in latin, meaning "the soul". Concept comes from latin: Con and Cept , respectively "with" and "idea". So eventually a concept is not an idea, but "with idea".

So a concept is something that generates a stimulus, while an idea doesn't. A stimulus of opening the soul to a higher realm, the human realm.

Although animalistic feeling is quite primal. The human feeling is only possible through the magical manifestation of concepts within the psyche.

It creates within a sense of understanding and opens up more world by association of concepts, creating bigger concepts, ideas, and opening the world of creation to the human species.
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