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Common may refer to:

  • Common (film), a 2014 BBC One film, written by Jimmy McGovern, on the UK's Joint Enterprise Law
  • Common (rapper) (born 1972), American hip hop artist, actor and poet
  • Common (horse), a British Thoroughbred racehorse
  • Common land, land which other people have certain traditional rights such as grazing livestock or collecting firewood
  • Common language, also known as Lingua franca, a language shared by speakers of different mother tongues
  • Common (liturgy), a part of certain Christian liturgy
  • COMMON, a Fortran statement
  • COMMON, the largest association of users of mid-range IBM computers
  • Common, translation of tum'ah, a biblical term for ritual impurity, used by some common English translations of the bible
  • Commoner, someone does not hold a title of peerage
  • Dol Common, a character in The Alchemist by Ben Jonson
  • The Common, a nickname of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Town common (see common land above)
  • Vernacular, the common but not scientific name of a plant or animal

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