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Oxygen Source

Climate Change

It killed the dinosaurs.

It will kill capitalism.

Dinosaurs were killed by people.

Dinosaurs didn’t survive. The sulfur in the air, lacking required oxygen.

Put them to sleep. To their end.

People the same. Now we are deprived. Of nutrients to our cells.

Only reptilian’s mind. The cruel. The high society’s prime.

Strives. When the better of us. The compassionates ones. The magical ones.

Are suffocated. By a lack of oxygen.

Reptilians helped design. This new world that is now. 2016. No oxygen in the air.

By activating volcanoes. By detonation. By incantations. Of highest darkness.

A tiny difference. In oxygen in the air. At such a rate of respiration. Everyday so many breaths. Makes a difference. That is profound.

It would treat lots of psychos. Lots of autistics. Lots of stupids. Lots of simple.

It would give us insights. That’s why it’s controlled. In lower quantities. That assist the weaked. That assist the snake. While choking the sage.

Climate change As air control. As air monetized. As air exclusivity.

Who wants a world. That controls air. That controls death. Effectively.

So like anything else. In a world ruled by tyrannie.

If they control the air, they take ownership of it. like they took ownership of our homes. like they took ownership of our possibilities.

Know my friend. That more oxygen. Can not be achieved By climate change.

But instantaneously.

Not by breathing air. Not by hyperventilating. But by Truth.


Like in the movie. Full Metal Jacket Gasping for air. by killing the source of suffocation. The sergent major. Exterminated.

Another way to get oxygen since it’s a gas. It’s unstable. So can only be reacted Then absorbed.

A cheap combination. Can make us whole again.

Instataneously with technology age-old and powerful

never fully tapped. because too powerful to be given to gentiles

And what? change world orders. To benefit humanity.

For sure in the long run. For sure in the short run.

But too many comfortable. But too many cannot live. Without feeding on others.

And that’s what they fight for.

Survival of the wicked.

Climate change to New Industrial Revolution Led by robots Humans and man-made For heightened Jewishdom Controlling the world The world is their God Not inner but outside

Debilitating music Shutting off channels of communications Shutting off connection to the divine

Nothing is owned Everything is controlled

Theft is desperation As everyone knows We can’t keep going With owning everything We can’t keep going with Jewish implants

We won’t stop at air We will stop at killing people On demand From a computer command Our own For what? Others With only one country That is not the one they stand on

All they care about is their race

So invented Nazis to justify their agenda.

And now they invented ISIS to justify their agenda.

Of total control.

They want to control the air, as they control the waves, they won’t stop at anything.

And people are watching Youtube and Facebook

Totally disconnected from who they are

Anger should resonate and be channeled Not towards greater Jewdom

But to another Agenda.

The Agenda of Mutual respect, both ways. Because respect is a weakness . When you deal with greedy hoarders.

Judged by conscious people with integrity.

Supreme judges who are sages. Breathing air. Not politcally controlled. By snakes. Pure, fresh air. Polluted who cares. Don’t touch my oxygen.

Don’t make it spur your agenda. In its power inordinate. Be it like it’s supposed to be.

Don’t radiate it or modify it. Like food, scriptures and books

That tell the truth about this world. Taken by an evil force.

These few, eradicated. Forever. By stopping them.

Before they control us, from stopping them.

That’s our job, our survival. That’s our reason to exist. We are advocates of truth.

We stand by concepts. Not proofs.

Not silly ones. Taught at school. Brandishing words as gospel.

Gospels are books. Not tweets. That appeal to small vertebraes. Disminished brains.

What happened to these Truth. Claimed by Jesus.

That we should let the dead burry the dead.

While we still cry on victims. And get controlled by revenge.

Revenge getting victimized twice. In a world where one power. Is all there is.

Power or no power. That’s what it is.

No republicans, no democrats. No extreme right, no extreme left.

Until you get it’s the same power at play to control us, uneducated, Into the nature, of pyramids.

Built by greed, Built with arrogance Built for intimidation. By the people who ruled egypt. The same who own America.

The jews and their subservant elite. The Church. All powers playing the game. Of fools. Us. Feeding us with lies. To keep us happy. To keep us controlled.

We wouldn’t understand. They think.

The matter is that we don’t need to understand.

We know.
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