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The rule of law. Cleaning up lawmakers.

Catherine the Lawmaker by F.Shubin (1790, Russian museum) by shakko 05

Cleaning up lawmakers Draining the swamp, as president Trump puts it.

Lawmakers passed laws that make proofs illegal.

“Any party bringing proofs that WWII did not happen as stated are subject to heavy fines and years in jail”

If you don’t scream at this, go back playing pokemon while the real monsters are taking away any value and system of justice that us humans are so proud of.

Trump has to follow the agenda of recovery:

Laws that protect super victims need to be outlawed.

Laws that prevent justice to function.

That will make American great again.

France has a similar law but no strongman like the U.S.

Marine Le Pen is a politician, her father was a hero of claiming the truth and accusing the lies.

He accused that gas chambers never existed. Indeed, he was not afraid. He had courage, a real Nazi.

A real Nazi is someone that stands up for the people who are nice. A real Nazi forcefully tells someone or a group of people, that taking advantage of kindness is a crime.

That’s all what a Nazi is.

Super victims have taken away politics, finance, the world. To profit the ultimate super victims, the brainless, the physically weak, the jews.

It is stopping by Trump in the United States, it is stopping by Le Pen father in France, it is growing by Xi Jinping in China.

Chinese think that their “misunderstanding” will get them super victim status.

Fuck you China. Fuck you Jew.

Let’s make some real gas chambers for your ass. So your dark scheme of lies, becomes your ultimate prophecy, your death sentence.

Any Jew that played some part in that game and are advocating Jewishness as part of a privilege should be heavily punished, financially.

Let’s take their resources they stole from all of us with their schemes.

It’s simple. Go to any bank accounts and tax records and means of extracting information. Anybody jew with more money than the average Joe should get its assets and resources redistributed.

That’s fair and square. They stole by buying out lawmakers, they stole buy playing with our Justice system and using corrupt officials to disband our most proud and emeritus human system.

Our system of justice brings about trust in the world. So anybody regardless of creed can enjoy living and breathing the air unsuffocated by laws and a few jews that have so much financial power they think they can attack our institutions.

Financial power is not influence. Influence should only come from people who are well meant and deserving to change things. Influence should only come from the people, not elected officials. But people, with technology the way it is, people have the power to vote on any single issues.

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