::Chinese Wolf Warrior II is Killing Foreigners


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Wolf Warrior II

This week-end a chinese-made movie made $500 million in its first 10 days at the box office. That's astonishingly high considering everything...

Chinese Wolf Warrior II is Killing Foreigners sections
Intro  The topic  Chinese recipe of success  Patriotism reinvented  Hollywood gets knocked  Chinese stock exchange on fire  Produced by mortgages  Sequel of a flop  Chinese resiliency  More bargaining chips for China  China kicking foreigners butts  America in the game  Lucid American Spirit saves America  Repression of personal space  United we must stand  The classmates  Super Extended Family  Big Brother in the role of Big Brother  Social engineering great again  American might  The Jews  Zombie apocalypse  The tip of the Truth surfaced  Time to fight again  Conditional love  Americans great again  

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