::China Air Force Dangerous Intercepts


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Chinese fighters unsafe intercepts

Chinese are bold, courageous and they are not limited by religion. In other words their sense of risk is unbound by caution.

The Chinese's sense of compassion is nonexistent. They can feel sympathy. However they cannot easily extrapolate their self into someone else. So their sense of compassion is limited to the sense of sympathy. It's not compassion on the sense Christian nations express it.

So when a fighter plane attacks intercepts a U.S. surveillance plane. Why do they do all these so called "unsafe intercepts".

Just because they can. It's a core part of their culture. Why do you think Jacky Chan is so impressive? He does his own stunts. He broke so many bones in his career that it only shows one thing. He is Chinese.

Americans can't do that, they will think first of safety, then they will think reasonably, then they will think of insurance policies. In the end, they will be deterred by it.

Chinese are not deterred by external forces, external powers, external things. The only thing that can restrain a Chinese is a Chinese.

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