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Chișinău International Airport is Moldova's main international airport, located {{safesubst:#invoke:convert|convert}} southeast of the centre of Chișinău, the capital city.<ref name="AIP"/> It serves as headquarters for Air Moldova, the country's national airline, and Moldavian Airlines.<ref>"Contact us." (Direct map link) Air Moldova. Retrieved on 31 December 2010. " Legal Address: Dacia bd. 80 ⁄ 2, Airport, MD 2026, Chisinau, Moldova." Address in Romanian: "bd. Dacia 80/2, Aeroport, MD 2026, Chișinău, Moldova." Map in Romanian. Address in Russian: "ул. Дачия 80/2, MD-2026, Кишинев, Молдова." Map in Russian.</ref><ref>"Contact Information." Moldavian Airlines. Retrieved on 4 February 2012. "Secretary Office Address: Moldavian Airlines Aeroportul Chisinau MD-2026 Chisinau Republic of Moldova"</ref>

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