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American citizen have to make a considered choice In the age where China is the newest country around. China didn’t loose its core values for cheap profits. It’s a new country where government emphasizes protectionism and they disregard any laws and Christian value.

But what about us? Why disregard of Christian values of fairness, rightfulness, lawfulness? In the long run they pay off. Cutting corners for profit is not a way for our the greatest country in the world to grow up. It surely is a way to die and kill it .

So all you Hillary lovers that love to close your eyes from your comfortable living place. Think of your citizens before you think of people. Prioritize not with your wallet but with your country’s blood.

So all of you corporations, that love to hire foreign workforce. Experts from all around the world. What good does it do to our country now that statistics show they go back to their own country with their wages to create startups and ultimately beat us with our own technology. China and India’s entrepreneurs are unbound by their desire to change their country. In the United States, established powers are holding the U.S. back into into lies, deception and unfairness.

Whether it shows up in the form of inhuman police officers killing African Americans. The concept at ill is not the officers, who do their dangerous work every day for years with faith in their institutions.

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American citizen have to make a considered choice
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