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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}} CKNX-TV was a television station owned by CTVglobemedia which served mid-western Ontario, Canada. It was part of the A television network. The station's offices, studios, and transmission facilities were located in Wingham. A bureau in Owen Sound closed down in late 2004.<ref>"News bureau shut down" Source: Owen Sound Sun Times 2004-08-24</ref>

In February 2009, CTV announced it would not renew CKNX's broadcast licence for the 2009-2010 television season and put the station up for sale. In April 2009, CTV announced a deal to sell the station along with two other sister stations in Windsor and Brandon to Shaw Communications for a dollar. However, the deal was rejected in June. As a result, CKNX closed down as a separate station on August 31, 2009. Its transmitter remains in operation as an analogue rebroadcaster of CFPL-DT in London.<ref name="windsor-reprieve">/A\ Windsor Station to Remain Open, CTVglobemedia press release, July 8, 2009</ref>

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