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Brian Nicholas McFadden (born 12 April 1980) is an Irish singer-songwriter and TV presenter who rose to fame in 1998 as a member of the Irish boyband Westlife as one of the lead singers and frontman. When he resided in Australia, he was a judge on Australia's Got Talent. Following his departure from Westlife in 2004, McFadden released his debut solo album, Irish Son, which peaked within the top 5 on both the Danish and Irish Albums Charts, and produced his first two No. 1 solo singles "Real to Me" in four European countries<ref name=""/> and also "Almost Here", a duet with his now ex-fiancée Delta Goodrem which gained a platinum accreditation in Australia.<ref name="2004 aria cert"/> "Like Only a Woman Can", the lead single from his second album, Set in Stone (2008), became his third No. 1 single as a solo artist.<ref name="Like Only a Woman Can"/> In 2010, McFadden scored his fourth No. 1 with the hit single "Just Say So", featuring American singer Kevin Rudolf, and gained his second Australian platinum accreditation.<ref name="2010 aria singles cert"/> The single received a nomination at the 2010 ARIA Music Awards for Most Popular Australian Single.<ref name="ARIA 2010 noms"/>

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