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England’s rebuke of the banks.

Interestingly enough it’s because of England that the world is the shape it is. They played a key role with the lead of Winston Churchill to fight the Nazis. At the time Nazis were against financial systems that empowered the mediocre and made a few the elite, regardless of skills other than self-serving secretive agendas.

Interestingly enough, Hitler, as stated in his second book, only feared England in his agenda of making Germany a strong state. The necessary expansionism of Germany could only be stopped by England. It was the power of the state, vs the power of financiers. It still was this week. But this time England made a different choice. Winston Churchill’s, backed by bankers, made him successful. Covering the politician’s extreme use of chemical weapons to reach a success, the success of democracies, the success of empowering the mediocre. All was finally blamed on the loosing camp, Germany, that actually never had recourse to such means first.

Now Britain is backing away from this choice. Backing away from bankers, backing away from empowering the weak via lies, or let’s call them very appealing mind concepts that are nothing but that, evil.

The real evil is things that look like gentlemen but are nothing but self-serving. The real evil was the banks. That conspired very hard to create a much bigger one. It was not easy but they came up with Hitler. They sure had a lot of imagination when it came to terrorizing entire populations with exaggeration and fabricated stories.

And re-owning the power of the state, making Hitler’s proud, just some 3 generations or about 75 years later.

England is going to be the world leader it deserved to be again. Leading people don’t want big governments, big systems, they want local systems, maybe federalized. They definitely don’t want no unionized countries or states. It weakens states, it makes them heavy and burdened by rules.

So long live England. Good bye Europe. Keep the French laissez faire view of state, keep the German’s keep trying to demonstrate strong leadership by associating strength in finances instead of state.

Finances never represented strength. Never will. But by use of force, fear (terror) and secrecy.

Now the bankers created “the terrorists”. Like they invented Hitler the evil.

The truth is that, conceptually, terrorists have always existed. But now they are financed by the very thing that is the true evil: finance.

Now finance is seen as something to buy house… You buy freedom. Actually you don’t. You sell your freedom and become bound to monthly payments. You become a drone that cannot do anything but go to work on a 9 to 5 job like Egyptians were going to work to build pyramids. Just because they were enslaved.

Now you will find a lot of secrecy and inexplainable death and impossible to decrypt texts, and mysteries of the pyramid.

The real truth is that the Egyptians were enslaved by finance.

They too, had to go to the atm to make their monthly payment. It’s really a daily payment, going to the pyramid to work. Like we go 5 days a week to build their financial skyscrapers, looking down on us on our swet.

Really you are happy with your Honda or your ford. You know how much wealth our work is generating? We have very little dividend. Because we are bound by lies we start believing it. Like children believing in Santa Claus. Is that bad to believe? Actually this world was not meant to believe in anything but the truth or some form of truth.

So Egyptians would be left alone by the oppressor by working tirelessly, like us. A mortgage is something that makes you feel like you are left alone from opression. A roof, to protect you from the rain, from a car repo, from a default on one of your many payments.

A roof to actually make you more of a servant of the financial system that has roots in nothing but good but possibilities. It does create possibilities, to do what you want. And man can create jail as a possibility. Jail himself into a mortgage and into a car payment.

Now a strong state prevents that. Because a strong state of mind helps you sort out the truth.

This week the truth came out for the Brits. The great nation of England is reborn. It might get into difficulties it defended, enforced and protected 75 years ago.

But that was the thing to do then. Hitler was in advance on his time. The English bankers saw it, the English population bought it. So now Hitler and England are reborned. Hitler reincarnated as the good, England reincarnated as the leader. Hopefully England will create its own European Union. The Scotts might not get it. They might get their independence to join the Dying existing European Community. They will choose. Like England Chose to create World War 2 and stop Hitler, now incarnated as Hitler, they will choose finance and French and German’s forces. England is up to Karma. Realizing what it has done back then. Oh yes and it will prevail because it’s backed by truth this time. What really happened is that a lot of us are hypocrits. Not because we want to. But because by law it had become illegal to submit proofs for what happened in world war two. Laws that defeat the systems of Justice itself have been put into place.

We cannot even talk about the role players. The ….what do you call them? They go by many names, all illegal. Let’s just not call them anything because most of them believe their own lies. Almost as much as the rest of us, the smart thing is that it serves them and profit them more than us. They took over our states, our justice departments. Well nobody likes the meek anyway. Like Jesus. He wasn’t meek. He was a strong judge but now he appears as a victim. Ah victims… what a strong image to be a victim. It justifies people in acting inhuman. After all they were victims of their own fabrication. They were survivors of what? They sure were not on the battlefield – these are the real surviviors.

Now the truth is that this German chancellor knows the truth. This French president know the truth of what happened. And England surely realized it was duped by these powers. Well don’t get duped by the stage acts played out and culminating in WWII.

It was all the financiers agenda. I feel sad for their people. By supporting each other on a daily basis what they are really doing is trying to make themselves feel better for what they have done not only to the world but to each other. For what? Well they originately are not the strong build type. They are classically weaker. Of course they are trying to break that image. The problem is that they are not bad. But they have this association with victims that serve them and protect them so well. But it also makes them bullies because they wear the shield of the victim. And anti-bullies go against them. And they claim they are bullied because after all they carry the seal of victim. So we don’t know who started….The Egyptian knows who was really the slaves and who were the oppressors. But you see any proof that will tell you that the Jews were enslaving Egyptians will become another undecipherable Egyptian mystery.

And you have this Trump guy that is encouraging us all to break free of all this crap we have built upon unwillingly.

Break free of Europe, of hypocrisy, of corrupt powers. Well with power comes corruption. It’s up to the state to uphold the truth.

And yes it’s up to the justice department to uphold the truth. After all the jury of Led Zeppelin did steal Stearway to Heaven from the band Spirit. It did still from the band Taurus.

The jury was misled. Like England was misled in 1940. The truth will eventually come out full circle. Taurus’ Spirit is the truth. Truth builds on lies. That just make the Truth so admirable.

England was build on lies. Lies that Hitler with his strong Germany aspirations were not as good as the power of the people. Finance is not the power of the people. It’s the power of the oppression by the mediocre. Victims need to be called as victims, not as saviors. Victims will never save anybody. A strong state saves people. Including from themselves.

China will prevail against democracy. That gives power to the mediocre, Chinese standards are poor but they are the norm there. Mediocrity in China is standard but it’s upheld by a strong state.

If China was to become lead by international finance it would crumple. If its currency wasn’t pegged up and down by the Chinese party, it would be so much dependent on the west. It would become Egyptians, subservant to us poor servants. That wouldn’t make us free, that would make our oppressor even more obvious….in 75 years. Or rather in many generations it would make us aware of our condition. Totally owned.

In any case it will come full circle. Now or some generations away from now. Concepts always lead. Strong opinions always are self-validated by the inherent subsystem that is the human psyche.

Concepts are the core of our psyche. They are free and as much as we don’t like England for what it has done to us it is trying to undo it. So hail to the Queen. Long live England. And if you don’t succeed it’s because 75 years have passed. Don’t blame us, blame yourself. We are rooting for you and wish I was English right now, not looking like a Jew. It’s ok I know how to blend.

I’ll just my star of David that says the miracle continues.

Whether we punish England and make it a martyr or make it easy for them, in both cases we’ll lose because they have the power of the state with them.

If we financier make it easy for them, all European countries will follow them as their leader. If we make it hard on them all European countries see how much the European Community is really an illusion of power by the mediocre. When the French endorsed us with Napoleon. He made us legal. Officially not parasites but full citizen of France. He made the financial world accessible to the world. For long it was forbidden for us to do finances, it was called usury. Wall street was walled in New York and in Paris it was also forbidden until Napoleon freed us. We gave him our finances so he could do his wars.

In 1939 we gave Churchill his finances so he could do World War II, which is really our war. The supreme success of finances over the German state, all states, all nations.

Now England took all this back to base 1. Are the French going to go back to pre-napoleon? That would be the only way for France to prevent England to lead the world.

And when I say financier, it’s the seed in us all that want us to make plans to give wings to our desires. It’s a beautiful thing. But we must do it not by all means. But with utmost respect for values. These values can only be found in the state. Only the power of the state can uphold the necessary strength to fight off the greed and corruption that power does to us.

Only the power of the state will make us poor again to uphold our trust in the process of going full circle. Only the power of the state keeps the pendulum going. Only the power of the state gets the Ying to work with the Yang. The financier only uphold their own power so far. They need to be stopped and we need to build again without them. Private banks out. Government banks out. Corruption out. Crypto currency will open the door to hackers as the new financiers. Anything that is not good but be eradicated for our children, for our survivor as a whole. Survival of human kind not by all means, but by human means first. Let’s not kill each other like wolf in the process of saving ourselves. Let’s do it humanly. Is it an utopia or is it a possibility? It surely is a concept. It’s up to us to believe in something better than finance. It buys us hope in the process. With hope we can build dreams but hopes come out of darkness. And darkness eventually shows up in our hopeful foundations.

So let’s not be hopeful. Let us be strong, together but not united. Strong but fair. A strong state can do that. England is up for it. Will pay for it a long time and will come out ok. They are made of Vikings and Celts and other cultures that will come out handy.

Hail to England.
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