::BoA Funds ISIS


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Hitler helped the Jews rise. With WWIII, victimizing Jews. Not to mention, Hitler and Jews Hands to hands were.

Victims and mediocrity, became everyday life. It serves the Jews. Truth is the first casulaty. Christianity’s core value Officially slendered.

ISIS helped Israel rise. With terrorism, victimizing all. All jews sympathizers by force. Anti-Semitic laws worldwide. Making the Master Opressor The Archetype of Victims.

Our World weaked. By just a few. Omnipresent foes. Bought themselves a country. By laws of Injustice. When Justice still remain to be seen. Somewhere as an instistution.

The Islamic State. Mirror opponent of Israel.

One is a Jewish State. A religion territorialized, in a country. Only one there is. A country religion. That takes from Christians. Their labor, soil and rape their values to stir us up. To make us work. No need of a whip. Just piss on our beliefs.

So powerful. Create armies. Control armies. Of the U.S.A. Created a foe. ISIS in name. An Islamic State. Killing innocents. Killing Americans.

Israel is neutral. It won’t get attacked. But it will rip profits. When ISIS will loose. Like Hitler did loose. And Jews as victors. Representing the weak, innocent, the Christian.

Representing us. In the eyes of the gullible. In the eyes of the gentile. In the eyes of the simple. When the good is overworked. When the good is lied to. Systematically and from all directions. The good become fool. That’s what Jesus warned about.

Don’t be fool. Be good, All it takes for evil to take places Is for the good not do a thing. So keep us busy, Jews. Making us work. While you live off investments. While you live off numbers. Self-Created by your numerous Allies, in self destruction.

Of Truth. The most beautiful thing that ever was. Now only survived in concepts. As Truth requires proof. And proofs manipulated.

America calls the bluff off. Jews are not servants. They are tyrants. Make America great again. Against Islamic State. Against the Jews. That’s the core of it all. Religious states rising. Not so. Only one. So be weary Sammy.

Uncle of Tiranny. You don’t want to become. By following blindly. An incedious ally. That does not care as Christians. That does not care as Muslims. In an equal world of opportunities. But in a chosen race. That controls all empowering traits.

Like money, politics and executives, legislatives and internetives. All came down from heaven As Lucifer’s ascension. Not from the ether, but into darkness. Luciferians we all are. Following Jewish laws. We must resist. We must refuse.

To fight a cause. That enslaves us.

San Bernardino. Sponsored by BoA. Sponsored by Bank of America. Like GlassesUSA.

A code name for Jewish owned. A code name for deception. That all these murderers. Killed off by fascists cops. Killed off by Nazi cops. Killed off by warriors Who stand for values.

And eat in each other hands, the bread of non-cops. the bread of non-jews.

The corpse of Christ. Devoured. While we stand starving. For credit cards dues.

That the world see in ISIS. The true perpetrator. The other Radical State. The other religious state.

The one home of Christ.
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