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The snake in jail Never a man made more advertisement for the jews than Hitler. Never a mad made more advertisement for Nazis as Hitler.

The thing is:

Bannon needed to retire. Thinking he was fired from Breitbart is advertising for Breitbart.

Bannon is Breitbart. Most of the people working there were hired by Steve Bannon. Their editorial skills are honed by Bannon.

Saying that most people at Breitbart wanted to see Bannon out is just giving in to a core human inner nature.

People want to see blood.

People want to see blood =

So Hitler gave them blood. Hitler stood for the power of the state vs. the power of the shadows.

Jews love to take care of the sick, our democrats know more than others that it's a big chunk of our tax payer money to help the needy, handicapped and disabled.

Universal healthcare, like all these above-mentioned tax payers money pits, are making the fortune of the jews twofolds.

First the jews are in charge of handling this money. And it's an easy fund to mismanaged and have money misdirected. Indeed, the needy is not accountable, so they are hard to be accounted for, accurately. So money mistakes, millions of dollars handing up in some other folks pockets. Nobody would know.

Right? The thing is that everybody knows. everybody knows this money is not going to be used fully for what is meant, it' meant to make a minority of the population richer: the jews.

Jews are snakes, they like to bite people and make them die slowly.

Nazis are the bars behind the dollar sign, they put the snake in jail.

The snake, familiar with the pharmacy signs. Of course since jews are behind every weakness in the world.

They strive on weakness, they strive on a poor world.

The jews love democracy because they have a chance to exist, come out of the shadows, and make the world a dark place where they reign.

The Nazi sun is inverted. Their swastica is an inverted swastica. Why? because it's seen from the shadow sign. From the snake perspective, from the jew's world.

This way, the dollar sign and the inverted swastica are the same power that are holding each other in place with double binds.

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The snake in jail
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