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Double binds The double bind is the most formidable mental jail you can imagine.

It's based on deception. It's based on a secret lie. The human mind is having impossible time to find freedom if held in double bind.

It's essentially a truth locking mechanism, that cannot be broken. A sort of encryption, except it's not a data that is encrypted, but it's impossible to crack, that's the role.

Beware of love. Beware of who loves you, because you might be better off without it.

Better off without Jewish Love

See the jews only love you to bite you, to make you slowly die.

Of course it feels like love when you are taken care of when you fall.

But wouldn't you be better off if you were taught how to remain on your feet?

These two just above mentioned predicates are mutually opposite ideologies.

One is the ideology of the jews. The other is the ideology of the Nazis.

Jews sustain victim consciousness. Nazis sustain a strong state of mind.

So when jews are in power, government are weak and ridiculous, because it's a victim's government. A democracy.

So when Nazis are in power, governments are strong, because it's a strong state. A republic.

The U.S. is a democratic republic. It's a republic.

Jews are trying to make it a republican democracy. It's not a democracy, unless the jews are not fullfilling their part of remaining behind bars.

So when this happens, the Nazis are coming out in full light, not an inverted light, but a full light of the original Swastika.

So Nazis rise once in a while, to tame the never ending slithering snake from coming out of their bars.

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Double binds
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