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Coupe d'Hygie
17-square swastika

Why would a coup against acting president Donald Trump be succesful?

It discredited his son in law.

While it didn't affect the president himself, it consolidated the power of the president within the Republican party.

Republicans are trying to unite their party for the next election.

They are also trying to distance the party from the alt-right people.

So Bannon planned that coup with president Trump more or less with him.

Bannon didn't need the coup to be prepared, but by his own knowhow.

When you are acting in high level politics, genius comes from your unconscious, from bold moves.

Trump didn't have to be briefed about what to do when personally under fire.

Trump just fired back.

That's when the Bannon's genius, unfolded.

First you have to be aware that this an in-party coup.

The other party, Democrats were not involved, except they were used for creating noise.

It worked. They got the bait, they thought they could use Bannon for their own agenda.

Bannon is a populist, technically he would closer to democrats than republicans.

Except Bannon knows better than embrace hypocrisy and jew's power. So Bannon cannot be but a strong republican.

However Steve Bannon views from the extreme right wing side of things are necessary for sparks of genius.

Unless you understand the power dynamics of right wingers vs. jews. You are not living in a democratic world.

Western powers give tremendous amount of power to the jews. That is, you need a strong opposite force to sustain the power in place.

The true opposite power are the Nazis. Fascists don't do because, although extreme wingers, they are jewish lovers.

Nazis are nationalist socialists, the only evil thing in it is that it serves the jews.

Indeed, the jews and nazis are the same power. When one is strong, the other is strong too.

Like sun and shadow, when the sun is bright and on the opposite side of things, the shadow is tall and dark.

The sun are the nazis, the nazi emblem, the swastica, is a sun.

If you go to China they are a lot of them, in temples, in parks. It's a very powerful magical symbol.

And so is the dollar sign. The swastica stands for the light, the dollar symbol for a snake in jail.

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