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Trump knows what intimidation is.

It means he knows when someone is trying to intimidate. That’s wisdom, it comes from his experience outside of the political arena of impures.

He is better equipped to deal with China.

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Marines continue local engagement efforts despite Taliban intimidation in northern Marjah DVIDS430448

You are smart to know when you are being intimidated or influenced. To protect your piece of land, your boundaries or just your values, you need to show teeth, you need to show temper, you need to show who is boss. That’s against the mediatic image of a good man. Because the press gets its power from gentlemen are good and the guy who argues is bad.

Truth is that it’s the devil that looks like a gentleman. The devil is wise and maybe looks like a lady, or even a grandma.

To stay pure requires to not let your heart going astray when you feel something is fishy. It requires practice as timing is essential. The devil will use any lapse of time to possess you. Then the devil will impose himself perpetually with the comfort it provides.

So Trump is not comfortable to deal with. He doesn’t care about comfort and images, he cares about the U.S.A. He cares about values, he cares about truth.

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