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Features 4DOS features a number of enhancements when compared to COMMAND.COM:<ref name="4DOS_8.00_HELP"/>

  • Additional commands
  • Extended functionality of existing commands
  • Extended batch file processing facilities
  • Improved command line editing, including filename completion and command history
  • Support for command aliases, also in scripts
  • Enhanced wildcards and the ability to filter by file sizes, date and time stamps, etcetera
  • Extended syntax for redirection and piping
  • Context-specific online help
  • Colored directory listings
  • Internal variables and variable functions
  • A more sophisticated swapping mechanism, yielding more free conventional memory on most systems
  • An interactive debugger for batch files
  • A mechanism for creating, maintaining and displaying file descriptions
  • Configuration stored in an INI file
  • Support for the Windows clipboard
  • Support for starting OS/2 programs.

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