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Band members

  • Tom Woodhead – vocals, synth
  • Rob Canning – bass guitar
  • Katie Nicholls – drums, vocals, shouts
  • Whiskas – electric guitar, shouts, synth

Work outside the band

Katie remixed I Was a Cub Scout's "I Hate Nightclubs"; her remix was released as a bonus single available exclusively online. She has also been nominated for the Peta 2's (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 'World's sexiest Vegetarian' in 2007, 2008, and 2009, but did not win.<ref>"PETA2 kicks off “Sexiest Vegetarian” contest with Matt Skiba, Dan Yemin, Davey Havok, MacKaye",, 25 May 2007, retrieved 2012-06-10</ref><ref>"Milano and Iero: World's Sexiest Vegetarians for 2008!",, retrieved 2012-06-10</ref><ref>"The 2009 World's Sexiest Vegetarians Are...",, retrieved 2012-06-10</ref>

Whiskas remixed Howling Bells' "Low Happening" under the name '¡Constructicons Form Devastator!' and his remix was released as a bonus single available online and on a 7-inch single.<ref name="Diver">Diver, Mike (2007) "Many happenings: Howling Bells tour, release single", Drowned in Sound, 10 January 2007, retrieved 2012-06-10</ref>

Woodhead has an electronic side-project AnteAter,<ref name="Goodyear">Goodyear, Oliver (2005) "Friday 15/04/05 AnteAter, Duels, This Et Al, Kubichek!, O Fracas, The KBC, Kenosha @ Joseph's Well, Leeds",, 17 April 2005, retrieved 2012-06-10</ref> with one release to date, "Final Lekky" on DTTR's 3rd compilation Something I Learned Today - released March 2007. He also performed the vocals in the chorus of the Yes Boss song "Tongues In Knots" from their album Look Busy.<ref name="Cordor">Cordor, Cyril "Yes Boss Biography", Allmusic, retrieved 2012-06-10</ref>

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Band members
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