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Pataphysical calendar The pataphysical calendar<ref> Electronic version of the pataphysical calendar</ref> is a variation of the Gregorian calendar. The Collège de 'Pataphysique created the calendar<ref> Reference number 1230, published 1954, as listed in the college's catalogue</ref> in 1949.<ref name=hugillcal>Hugill 2012, p.21-22.</ref> The pataphysical era (E.P.) started on 8 September 1873 (Jarry's birthday). When converting pataphysical dates to Gregorian dates, the appendage (vulg.) for vulgate is added.<ref name=hugillcal />

The week starts on a Sunday. Every 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd is a Sunday and every 13th day of a month falls on a Friday (see Friday the 13th). Each day is assigned a specific name or saint. For example, the 27 Haha (1 November vulg.) is called French: Occultation d'Alfred Jarry{{#invoke:Category handler|main}} or the 14 Sable (14 December vulg.) is the day of French: Don Quichote, champion du monde{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}.<ref name=brotchiecal>Brotchie 1995, p.45-54.</ref>

The year has a total of 13 months each with 29 days. The 29th day of each month is imaginary with two exceptions:<ref name=brotchiecal />

  • the 29 Gidouille (13 July vulg.) is always non-imaginary
  • the 29 Gueules (23 February vulg.) is non-imaginary during leap years

The table below shows the names and order of months in a pataphysical year with their corresponding Gregorian dates and approximate translations or meanings by Hugill.<ref name=hugillcal />

Pataphysical year
Month Starts Ends Translation
Absolu 8 September 5 October Absolute
Haha 6 October 2 November Ha Ha
As 3 November 30 November Skiff
Sable 1 December 28 December Sand or heraldic black
Décervelage 29 December 25 January Debraining
Gueules 26 January 22/23 February Heraldic red or gob
Pédale 23/24 February 22 March Bicycle pedal
Clinamen 23 March 19 April Swerve
Palotin 20 April 17 May Ubu's henchmen
Merdre 18 May 14 June Pshit
Gidouille 15 June 13 July Spiral
Tatane 14 July 10 August Shoe or being worn out
Phalle 11 August 7 September Phallus

For example:

  • 8 September 1873 (vulg.) = 1 Absolu 1
  • 1 January 2000 (vulg.) = 4 Décervelage 127
  • 10 November 2012 (vulg.)(Saturday) = 8 As 140 (Sunday)

See also Bob Richmond's comments on the calendar and the French Wikipedia article.

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