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Atlantic Device in World War II The American Defense Service Medal was the first military award to use the "A" device and was originally named the "Atlantic Device" (and afterwards the "Axis Device"). The "A" device was awarded to any member of the United States Navy, United States Marine Corps, or United States Coast Guard who, while deployed to the Atlantic Ocean between June 22 and December 7, 1941, engaged in armed conflict, or potential armed conflict, with naval forces of the German Kriegsmarine. Those having done so were awarded the American Defense Service Medal with the "Atlantic Device", the intent being to recognize those who had participated in the "undeclared war" when the United States of America was assisting Britain with war convoys and German U-Boat interdiction.<ref>Atlantic "A" Device for American Defense Service Medal - Eligibility, Naval Historical Center. Accessed 4 January 2013.</ref>

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Atlantic Device in World War II
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