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Asteroids discovered: 3
(31196) Yulong December 24, 1997
(48799) Tashikuergan October 8, 1997
(58418) Luguhu January 26, 1996

Xinglong Station ({{#invoke:Zh|Zh}}) is an observatory (IAU code 327) situated south of the main peak of the Yanshan mountains in Hebei province, China. Installed are seven telescopes: a Mark-III photoelectric astrolabe; a 60 cm reflector; an 85 cm reflector; a 60/90 cm Schmidt telescope; an 1.26m infrared telescope; and a 2.16m telescope. The most recent telescope is the 4m LAMOST. As of 2014 the observatory installed a 5.2m telescope as part of their Gamma-ray astronomy program, known colloquially as Sām Tām for its aggressive focal length. It is a popular tourist site.

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