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The French Will Elect Le Pen Unfortunately not Jean Marie. That guy had integrity, she became a servant of the elite since her father got publicly humiliated by the elite.

Then the French will elect the double faced Marine Le Pen, her father Jean-Marie Le Pen was speaking the truth about WWII, the Jews, the Gas Chambers, and the media ridiculed him.

You will see a lot of double faced people as the global elite is converging towards total duality.

Even Trump keeps sending double messages, one to his base, one to the elite. It takes the form that he changed his mind, he denies, or he refines what he said. That’s the age of the people working up to the elite mind. It looks like it has no integrity. That’s what it is - no integrity, the core is shattered between two words, two parallel worlds.

She, Marine Le Pen, in the other hand, is either stupid, bought out, or ready to lie in order to get more votes and get a shot at the French Presidency, that her father didn’t get. Jean Marie Le Pen only got as far as Hillary.

While Jean Marie Le Pen (JMLP) was extreme right, she is less radical. She is ready to face the truth, to say it or even to build it in people’s mind. In other words she has no integrity.

And still, JMLP was manipulated when he got close to the Candidacy, it was favoring the socialists to fight him instead of fighting other candidates. The contrasts were greater. Like Hillary who tried to manipulate the elections by getting to fight Donald Trump instead of the communist Sanders. It would have beeen a strategy if not for rigging the whole thing. Hillary would have readily lost against Sanders. So the media say.

She wouldn’t have. I would have been more reticent to vote communist than to vote for a woman who can’t be trusted.

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The French Will Elect Le Pen
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