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The Dictatorial Umbrella From within the boxes of the countries we are in, we can’t attack the worldwide dictatorial umbrella.

In China, it’s not there, it’s not deployed yet, it will be when people will have a revolution.

There is another dicature there, it’s a direct one, vulnerable to attacks.

This Chinese dictature provides a lot, massively, more freedom that the west’s democracies.

However it won’t let you attack the politics and anything that attack the state. No criticism, no critical thinking, loyalty is paramount, etc…

Same as North Korea and a lot of Communist Asian countries.

So here you have it, what’s best? A western state leading the world into a total illusion of freedom (democracy), which means eternally slaves of the system and those who owns the means of productions, the means of communications, the means of mass imprinting.

Or you have a Chinese state leading the world into a total knowing that you are not free and you cannot attack the party, as the party is you, you are the party, it’s god, it’s everything, your brother, your food, and the very hardness a wall reflects when you knock your head on it.

The problem with illusions is that they lead to human feelings that are sensing the discomfort, the trap, the evil design. The problem with the real dicature is that it’s really a nice place to live in, if you are not jewish.

Jews like to live better than most. So the only dictature that would be accepted would be a Jewish dictature.

Nobody accepts Jewish dictatures. Even in the U.S. where everybody is owned by Jews, it’s still not accepted, so to make it an open dictature would not work.

China is an open dictature. The west are closed democracies.

What is best? It depends on your personality, aspirations and desires.

Ultimately they are balancing each other, so the global reach of the world elite are these two systems forming the world’s countries and nations.

The wealthy can travel from one system to the next as much as they are fed up with one and the other. Like swithcing channels.

That’s the next step. Two parallel systems where the rich with their travels and the growing middle class of slaves will travel to the point where the cultures over centuries and centuries will merge. Creating a mono system, that will be the total global domination.

Year 2130 is when the two systems are in parallel. The age of Pisces completed.

Global domination is in effect the age after that.
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The Dictatorial Umbrella
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