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Selling Freedom So what’s interesting is that when Trump won, 2 things happened that day on the Chinese News, a British Banker working for Bank of America who killed 2 filipino women got sentenced to life in prison.

Interestingly that the judgment just occured the same day as the U.S. president would be decided. The world’s elite is asking the people to vote for Trump.

And the second thing, the headline of the Communist Party News was President Xi Jin Ping having a casual phone conversation with the Chinese crew in space. The Chinese president is more important than the U.S. elections.

The world’s elite are telling the people that a phone call to a stranger by Chinese top figure is more important than the millions of american’s voters for the world’s top job.

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Intro  Selling Freedom  Ambiguous Forces Clarified  Hidden Agenda Self-Discovering Itself to Manifestation  The French Will Elect Le Pen  Hillary Clinton Prosecution  Note to the not Corrupted part of Trump  Trump\u2019s Original vs Trump\u2019s Implant  Global Imprints  Mosaic of Imprints  Dictatorial Umbrella Covering The World\u2019s Democracies   The Dictatorial Umbrella  

Selling Freedom
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