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Note to the not Corrupted part of Trump Once isolated in the White House, Trump will have its double core grow disproportionally. His previous self, with integrity, will shrink, his man-made self by fission, by corruption, by desperation, by ideas of loosing it all or gaining it all with one sentence.

By the end of two mendates, 8-years, the candidate is so alienated from who he was that people wouldn’t vote for them anyway. So they are replaced.

They are replaced both by the elite and by the people. First the elite don’t want someone who knows too much about the white house and the secrets of American politics, second the elite don’t want someone who is not accepted by the people, or rejected by the people with time, and third to maintaint he illusion of democracy and the utopia sold by the constistution, he needs to be chosen by the people cyclicly.

Every 4 years. 4 in China is the number of “Death”.

So Obama is banished by the Elite, banished by the People, he is going through it alone, he will be confined to a house with secret services on him 24/7. That’s the fate of previous american presidents. Upmost slaves, for a name in the dictionary, a legacy, that will say how good they were … to the elite. Except the elite talks to itself, takes authority to talk for us, and nothing wrong will be written about ex-president Obama black on white.


The Truth will remain in concepts. Public opinions and all.

Isolated in the white house, Trump’s previous self will shrink to no ends, while the elite will distract him with its puppet ropes, attacks by the media they also puppeteer. So he can’t do what he wanted to do.

The military will advise him, the CIA, the FBI, the White House, his aides. There will be nothing left of Trump but robotic pantemine.

Unless he nukes China right away, say good-bye to NATO, and assert who Trump was right away, he will loose himself for 4 years or 8.

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Note to the not Corrupted part of Trump
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