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Mosaic of Imprints If you get imprints, you loose your freedom, but you get wealthy, so you can move around but you can’t really be who you are, you have to be what they want you to be. A total mosaic of imprints, with yourself.

Like with the U.S. elect presidential candidate, World War by World News Imprints of Happiness.

If you look at all news sites all around the world, in English, French, Chinese, Spanish. You can tell the agenda.

Remember, every time the people cheer and you have the same life, the same wealth, the same posession, the same food, you are getting imprinted, you were imprinted. An imprint is instantaneous, like a frame on a TV set, 1/27th of a second.

World War by Imprints of Happiness sections
Intro  Selling Freedom  Ambiguous Forces Clarified  Hidden Agenda Self-Discovering Itself to Manifestation  The French Will Elect Le Pen  Hillary Clinton Prosecution  Note to the not Corrupted part of Trump  Trump\u2019s Original vs Trump\u2019s Implant  Global Imprints  Mosaic of Imprints  Dictatorial Umbrella Covering The World\u2019s Democracies   The Dictatorial Umbrella  

Mosaic of Imprints
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