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Hillary Clinton Prosecution What I don’t like is that Trump is not going to send Hillary to jail.

She should be prosecuted by the FBI, and so Commey, and other crooked people, should be tried, not by a political jury and judge.

Trump said himself during the presidential debate that she would be in jail if she did anything wrong.

It’s disgusting to see that now he calls her as people should have debts for her public service.

You are out of your mind Trump. I don’t owe her a penny. She owes the American people jail time.

The reason why he is not prosecuting her is that he got his core fissioned, split up.

That’s a necessary requirement of the elite to become president. If they can’t split your core, you end up like JFK.

The way candidates announce to the global elite community and its lower servants the upper middle class and most lower servants the middle class, is by contradicting themselves.

Like with the Hillary going to jail statement.

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Hillary Clinton Prosecution
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