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Hidden Agenda Self-Discovering Itself to Manifestation The real true meaning of this, the priority is that by advancing democracy in all western nations, a Chinese revolution will loom.

So far the Chinese leader is stressing loyalty to the party, in other word, you express criticism, or dare to say what you think, like no, or this policy may not work… And you are flushed down the steps of the Communist Party ladders.

So the biggest thing what’s happening right now is that China might become more democratic under the gun.

That’s the real agenda of the elite. World War by World News of Happiness.

This way you U.S. don’t have to go to war with China, they will just have the Chinese go to war with their government.

When the Chinese people win the revolution, a new government will take place. A democratic government.

That government is ready. It has been setup by President Xi Jin Ping, who will be ousted…. For show.

Then the Chinese will be happy, but slave of amount of debts accumulated during Xi Jin Ping’s regime of debt accumulations, of Real estate and otehr Bubbles that will go from sky high to nill in one instant.

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Hidden Agenda Self-Discovering Itself to Manifestation
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