Global Imprints::World War by Imprints of Happiness


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Global Imprints It’s how the world global elite works. Imprinting folks. The poor guys don’t have many. They are free and rich… in their heart. They can’t do anything in a world where global imprints lead the world.

In other words they are prisoner of their lives.

World War by Imprints of Happiness sections
Intro  Selling Freedom  Ambiguous Forces Clarified  Hidden Agenda Self-Discovering Itself to Manifestation  The French Will Elect Le Pen  Hillary Clinton Prosecution  Note to the not Corrupted part of Trump  Trump\u2019s Original vs Trump\u2019s Implant  Global Imprints  Mosaic of Imprints  Dictatorial Umbrella Covering The World\u2019s Democracies   The Dictatorial Umbrella  

Global Imprints
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