Ambiguous Forces Clarified::World War by Imprints of Happiness


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Ambiguous Forces Clarified Every country around the world is addressing the same facts mixed with the sauce of the local culture. The Ying and Yang of the global elite. Always playing with different forces wheeling towards the same Agenda.

More than ever these forces came down to two as the next step to world’s domination is from duality to global domination, from 2 to 1 force.

Effectively the Chinese media are playing the American elections on top of music of Benny Hill and other burlesque or vaudeville. That’s a process, it happens over and over about anything U.S. It’s always Mickey Mouse for Chinese broadcastings.

Also, a lot of worldwide media are trying to sell the U.S. as disunified, the Disunited states.

That’s hogwash in terms of what’s really happening in China. It’s confusing. That’s a tool of the elite. The agenda is always discovering itself. Not because it’s getting caught, but because it’s necessary for the agenda to complete one task and go to the next one.

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Intro  Selling Freedom  Ambiguous Forces Clarified  Hidden Agenda Self-Discovering Itself to Manifestation  The French Will Elect Le Pen  Hillary Clinton Prosecution  Note to the not Corrupted part of Trump  Trump\u2019s Original vs Trump\u2019s Implant  Global Imprints  Mosaic of Imprints  Dictatorial Umbrella Covering The World\u2019s Democracies   The Dictatorial Umbrella  

Ambiguous Forces Clarified
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