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Volume in calculus In calculus, a branch of mathematics, the volume of a region D in R3 is given by a triple integral of the constant function <math>f(x,y,z)=1</math> and is usually written as:

<math>\iiint\limits_D 1 \,dx\,dy\,dz.</math>

The volume integral in cylindrical coordinates is

<math>\iiint\limits_D r\,dr\,d\theta\,dz, </math>

and the volume integral in spherical coordinates (using the convention for angles with <math>\theta</math> as the azimuth and <math>\phi</math> measured from the polar axis (see more on conventions)) has the form

<math>\iiint\limits_D \rho^2 \sin\phi \,d\rho \,d\theta\, d\phi .</math>

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