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A void marriage is a marriage which is unlawful or invalid under the laws of the jurisdiction where it is entered. A void marriage is "one that is void and invalid from its beginning. It is as though the marriage never existed and it requires no formality to terminate." <ref>Lectric Law web site</ref>

Most jurisdictions recognise the validity of marriages performed in another jurisiction. However, a jurisdiction where the parties to the marriage normally reside (and where recognition of the marriage has significant implications) may not recognise a "foreign" marriage and may declare it void - for example, a same-sex marriage, a group marriage and in some cases a polygamous marriage.

A marriage, however, which can be canceled at the option of one of the parties is merely voidable, meaning it is subject to cancellation if contested in court. A marriage that is entered into in good faith, but which is subsequently found to be void, may be recognized as a putative marriage and the spouses as putative spouses, with certain rights granted by statute or common law, notwithstanding that the marriage itself is void.

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