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Various, or Various Production, is an English dubstep/electronic music duo formed in 2002. The group blends samples, acoustic and electronic instrumentation, and singing from a revolving cast of vocalists. Its members, Adam and Ian, purposefully give very little information about the group or themselves, and tend to do little in the way of self-promotion.<ref>Interview with Various,, 8 January 2007. Accessed 9 October 2007.</ref> Nevertheless, the group began winning critical acclaim with its single releases in 2005 and 2006, with singers Rachel Thomas Davies and Nicola Kearey.<ref>Various Production. Dusted Magazine. Accessed 9 October 2007.</ref> Their full-length for XL, The World is Gone, arrived in July 2006.<ref>Album Review, BBC Collective, 6 July 2006. Accessed 9 October 2007.</ref><ref>Album Review, Dusted Magazine, 15 October 2006. Accessed 9 October 2007.</ref><ref>Sleeve Design review. Cyclic Defrost, November 2006. Accessed 9 October 2007.</ref><ref>Album Review. Pitchfork Media, 26 October 2006. Accessed 9 October 2007.</ref><ref>Album Review, Sputnik Music, 10 December 2006. Accessed 9 October 2007.</ref> They have released a large number of vinyl EPs and 7" records, as well as digital exclusives for Rough Trade, iTunes, and Boomkat.<ref>Various Issue New Material in Various Ways. Pitchfork Media, 31 August 2007. Accessed 9 October 2007.</ref> They have released remixes of a large variety of artists (sometimes uncredited) such as Thom Yorke, Adele, Virus Syndicate, Dave Cloud, Cat Power, Emma Pollock and Ian Brown and participated with one track on the Vexille Movie Soundtrack.

In 2002, the group started their own record label, called Various Records or Various Production, where they began releasing their own material, usually on 7" or 12" vinyl, or later as mp3 releases.<ref>Various Production – CDs and Vinyl at Discogs</ref> In 2009 the duo started another label, called "Misc", this time for selling artworks and other products.

The duo signed a publishing deal with the newly formed Fire Songs in November 2007, a division of eclectic London-based record label Fire Records. In early 2009 they released a new LP, an experimental collaboration with poet Gerry Mitchell called The Invisible Lodger and signed the first act to release on the Various Production label, Gold Panda.

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