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Other names

A 99 Cents Only store in Dallas, Texas

Variety stores are often named for the price of the goods sold in them; the names vary by area and time, as each country has a different currency, and the price of the goods has increased over time due to inflation. Modern names include:

North America
  • Dollar store, $1.25 store, 99-cent store, etc. in the United States and Canada plus other names. Dollar store is used predominantly, even when the maximum price point is higher than one dollar. Some chains emphasize that the price is an even amount: $2, $5, etc., instead of having odd, "uneven" prices.
Middle East and Asia
  • 100 fils Shop in Kuwait
  • 2 riyal Shop in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries
  • 100-yen shop or one coin shop in Japan
  • 10-dollar shop (US$1.28), 8-dollar shop, etc. in Hong Kong
  • 88 or 99 Peso Store in Philippines
  • 49 & 99 shop in India
  • Ghazali's HomeStore in Pakistan
  • Всё по 10 рублей/Всё по 100 рублей (English: Everything at 100 rubles) in Russia
  • 10 or 20 Baht shop in Thailand
Central and South America
  • 5 y 10 in Mexico (5 and 10 pesos)
  • Dólar y Algo Extra, La Reina, Almacenes Caravana in Puerto Rico
  • Loja de 1,99 (BRL1.99 = US$1.07) in Brazil
  • Todo por dos Pesos in Argentina (1 peso = US$0.32)
  • Todo por 23 pesos in Uruguay (23 pesos = US$1)

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Other names
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