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Radar I'm not sure how you do it, but you keep coming in and adding the necessary technical stuff to articles I create. Thank you. Here's one you missed. Put Valentin Balakhnichev on your radar. As the investigation into the various Russian doping scandals expands, he's the guy at the top. A lot of people think the is complicit, even if that is not the finding, he's still the guy at the top of the food chain and will be a name in the news. I've sat on this for a while until I discovered sources making the investigation public. Trackinfo (talk) 09:29, 19 January 2015 (UTC)

@Trackinfo: I've noticed Balakhnichev's name around, but obviously things are still a bit under wraps at the moment. Hopefully that's not an indefinite thing. I also found an image to add to the article, as the IAAF released professional images of the 2014 IAAF Council Meeting as public domain – great stuff! Not only useful for us, but actually an excellent way of controlling their image.
As for picking up the articles: there's an option in the notifications preferences (page link) that lets you know whenever someone newly links to an article you've created. One of the benefits of being a big content creator is that many new links come flying in to me this way, especially so with competition pages. Anything that pops up in my feed, I'll do some basic tweaks to make sure images, basic biographical facts, and categories are all there. I find this an interesting way of keep up to date – I'm glad you're happy about it, because others could construe my constant appearance as harassment! On the last point about categories, I'm building the gendered athlete categories slowly this way. I built a worklist for these, but it turned out to be so depressingly long that I've gone for a piecemeal approach instead! SFB 20:37, 19 January 2015 (UTC)
You posted the photos free of rights, I see. How do you determine which of IAAF's photos are released in such a fashion? I didn't see any special notation. Can we use others? There are so many athletes articles with no pictures, IAAF can certainly supplement a lot of that if what is on is free to use. Trackinfo (talk) 19:32, 20 January 2015 (UTC)
@Trackinfo: Sadly not. They generally useful professional copyrighted photos for the articles, but the article on the Council Meeting notes linked to the free-of-right images hosted at Dropbox. They must have got an in-house photographer for the event instead. We do get some great images donated by Erik van Leeuwen so in that respect I'm very grateful. I think if Wikipedia did a programme to get public domain images from the subjects themselves and raised it through the media then they would be overwhelmed with usable pictures. Well-taken photographs like Erik's are very useful, but often just a basic selfie would go a long way in adding identifiable visual content to thousands of people's articles. Despite the "open for anyone to edit", people still feel like there is a barrier. If we had one button with stripped down options to upload a self-taken, public domain image, then I think we'd get a lot more. Young famous (and not so famous) people are particularly used to this kind of thing on Twitter and Facebook etc. I'll have a think about this because I think I've quite a powerful idea here! SFB 23:23, 20 January 2015 (UTC)
In the case of people like Balakhnichev around this scandal, they might not want to send in a selfie. All the easier to be picked out of the police lineup. Maybe in Russia there won't be the perp walk with them trying to cover their face with their jacket while wearing handcuffs (I seriously think they are considered national heroes at home) but there is still a KGB mentality behind all of this. Trackinfo (talk) 04:29, 21 January 2015 (UTC)
@Trackinfo: Maybe so :) We'll see where this all ends up. I'm increasingly more conscious that things like this are driving a wedge between Western and Russian people. Hopefully the corrupt are rooted out before things get much worse – Cold War I wasn't enjoyable for anyone and it certainly doesn't warrant a sequel! SFB 18:40, 21 January 2015 (UTC)
That is the terrible thing about all of this. By making the most prominent sporting events based on national identity, we have caused political leaders of all stripes to trying to show their country's superiority athletically as a metaphor for their own superiority. And with all of them having overblown, nationalistic egos, the systematic motivation to cheat is overwhelming. It will ruin our sport if it hasn't already. Trackinfo (talk) 18:58, 21 January 2015 (UTC)

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