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FINA junior world championships Hey, Gap. I saw you had created several articles for swimmers who were recent FINA junior world championships competitors. There is no specific notability guideline for competition swimmers, and we rely on a combination of the general notability guidelines per WP:GNG and the specific notability guideline for Olympic athletes per WP:NOLYMPICS. Bottom line: FINA junior worlds swimmers need to satisfy GNG for inclusion of stand-alone articles, with significant coverage in multiple, independent, reliable sources -- just like the senior swimmers from the FINA worlds do. Many non-medalist competitors from the senior FINA worlds can't satisfy GNG, and I'm sure that is true for an even higher percentage of non-medallist swimmers from the FINA junior worlds. That said, I would not create a bunch of articles for swimmers whose only claim to fame is being a non-medallist at the FINA junior worlds. Some, if not most medallists may qualify, but you need to find real independent sources, not just listings and press releases from FINA. Dirtlawyer1 (talk) 08:45, 9 October 2015 (UTC)

@Dirtlawyer1: Hi Dirtlawyer, I only made articles for a select group of individual gold medalists at the FINA junior world championships, not non-medalists or even non-gold medalists. I realize that even an individual gold medal in itself doesn't automatically make them notable according to the available guidelines, but maybe we could introduce specific guidelines for swimmers, including high-achieving juniors (many sports have specific guidelines: WP:ATH). I think that an individual gold medal at junior worlds is more notable than e.g. finishing 50th at the Olympics, but of course we would need consensus.
Since there are no specific notability guidelines for swimming, I consulted WP:NTRACK (track and field athletics) to get a general (informal) idea of what is considered notable in a sport that is very similar in terms of which meets are considered important. Athletics considers individual gold medalists at both the IAAF World Youth Championships in Athletics and the IAAF World Junior Championships in Athletics to be notable. The IAAF Youth championships are for even younger athletes than the FINA junior world championships in the case of boys (17 or younger vs. 15-18) and the same for girls (17 or younger vs. 14-17). Swimmers also tend to reach their peak at an earlier age (especially women), so I would argue that individual gold medalists in junior swimming are likely more notable than those at the Youth IAAF championships (but again, I realize we need consensus, not just my personal judgement). To be a bit more on the safe side, I made articles only for junior swimmers that have achieved more than 'just' one individual gold medal, such as multiple individual (gold) medals, a junior world record, senior US National titles, etc.
Some of the swimmers I created articles for have received significant coverage in their home country and probably meet WP:GNG but admittedly probably not all of them. After the weekend I'll try to find more qualifying sources where they are missing. Gap9551 (talk) 15:09, 9 October 2015 (UTC)

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FINA junior world championships
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