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Note: Parts of my user page were created in 2007/2008, and I'm either too lazy to drastically redesign that text or have become attached to it in a way.

Forget monsters and all that other run-of-the mill scary stuff. Want to know something really scary? See the cats above? Yes, that's right. Think of yourself as one of those cats. Now think of yourself as that cat alive in one world and "equally" dead in another world. Or you can just think of yourself as human. Whatever you are, it's very likely, according to top scientists and their logic (see Many-worlds interpretation and Multiverse) that there are many yous that exist. Perhaps you're a serial killer in one world, and a priest in another. For losers of the world, this means that you are not a loser somewhere out there; for the winners of the world... Well, this is another reason not to think so highly of yourself. You're a loser too; accept it. And maybe learn more about it here and here.

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