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DemocraticLuntz: Re your entry about Ballard Corners in the Town of Wilton, Saratoga County, NY. Have you ever heard of Burts Corner?

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Intro   Message regarding changes to info about Albanian Navy    Congratulations    Oilseed rape   [[User_talk:DemocraticLuntz?section=Speedy_deletion_nomination_of_LKQ_Corporation|Speedy deletion nomination of LKQ Corporation]]   Bubble Gum    Reverting at Square root of 2    Brian Day entry one-sided, my edits undone    Crop Circles Wikipedia Page Amendment    STiki again    Free Soil, Michigan   [[User_talk:DemocraticLuntz?section=_Ben_Dover_| Ben Dover ]]   Who named Oronoco, MN?    Siraj Ul Haq Terrorist updates    Heart Transplant deletion    Reference errors on 6 June    Japanese Gardens    Historical population    Kris Jenner    Recent edit to Marty Wilson (poker player)    Thanks for welcoming me!    Actavis/Allergan    Bots    Wikipedia Library donation for US stats materials    June 2015   Re Bandi Dhundan   Page Deletion    French Stewart    Blanking Belmont, California   [[User_talk:DemocraticLuntz?section=_Greeley,_Colorado_| Greeley, Colorado ]]   July 2015   [[User_talk:DemocraticLuntz?section=_Alva,_Oklahoma_| Alva, Oklahoma ]]   Script breaks things?    Reference errors on 7 July    A pie & a Barnstar for you !    Platform Specialty Products    You    Blanking pages    Your tables    August 2015    Script glitch    Thank you    Reference errors on 13 August    Reference and other errors in New Jersey articles   Newton, New Jersey question  Ellendale, Delaware - CentPop Error   County tables   [[User_talk:DemocraticLuntz?section=Suffolk_city,_Virginia|Suffolk city, Virginia]]  [[User_talk:DemocraticLuntz?section=Winchester_city,_Virginia|Winchester city, Virginia]]  [[User_talk:DemocraticLuntz?section=Williamsburg_city,_Virginia|Williamsburg city, Virginia]]  [[User_talk:DemocraticLuntz?section=Petersburg_city,_Virginia|Petersburg city, Virginia]]  [[User_talk:DemocraticLuntz?section=Martinsville_city,_Virginia|Martinsville city, Virginia]]  [[User_talk:DemocraticLuntz?section=Newport_News_city,_Virginia|Newport News city, Virginia]]  [[User_talk:DemocraticLuntz?section=Norton_city,_Virginia|Norton city, Virginia]]   All Parties Hurriyat Conference   Data sources and other questions  

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