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Intro  Ideas for vital articles (10'000)   requesting a favour for article sugaspott   [[User_talk:DaGizza?section=Orphaned</a>_non-free_image_File:CricScot.png|Orphaned</a> non-free image File:CricScot.png]]  Pre-1500 Indian rulers on the VA/Expanded list   hi dagizza    Request for comment   Disambiguation link notification for June 5  Disambiguation link notification for June 12   A brownie for you!    Short explanation    November 2014    Hinduism barnstar   Disambiguation link notification for November 24   Pageview Tool    February 2015 Wikification drive    Feb - 2015    Happy Valentine's Day!!!    April 2015 Wikification drive.    Happy Easter!   \u0627\u0644\u0633\u0644\u0627\u0645 \u0639\u0644\u064a\u06aa\u0645  [[User_talk:DaGizza?section=_Palmyra_| Palmyra ]]   June 2015 Wikification drive.    Interview for The Signpost   [[User_talk:DaGizza?section=Category:Vietnamese_men|Category:Vietnamese men]]   Bro?    Moving Burma to Myanmar - new 2015 poll   Disambiguation link notification for August 29  File permission problem with File:Ganesh drawing.jpg  

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