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"the project can take on all kinds of people, including critics, finicky people, sloppy people, university students, high school students, experts, gnomes and clueless enthusiasts. Some of us need to learn what comments to ignore, and what actually should have some kind of response."

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Intro  Teaching chemistry through Wikipedia  [[User:Smokefoot?section=WP:SECONDARY_for_technical_editing:_three_reasons_to_follow_this_guideline|WP:SECONDARY for technical editing: three reasons to follow this guideline]]  [[User:Smokefoot?section=WP:COI_(Conflict_of_Interest):_Avoid_citing_yourself,_your_family,_your_friends,_and_your_colleagues|WP:COI (Conflict of Interest): Avoid citing yourself, your family, your friends, and your colleagues]]  Welcome, but be careful  About me  Useful links  Template  Useful reminders  

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