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What I do For many years as an editor I focused on content creation - I wrote a lot of articles in my early days on the site. I still try to do so, from time to time, though it happens far less frequently than I would like these days. I found myself, gradually, moving more and more into the territory of the WikiGnome, as I received access to more and more semi-automated tools to help my editing. To be frank, it was a label which I resisted for some time, but I have gradually come to embrace it. There are many, many gnomic tasks that need doing around Wikipedia, and I figure the more I can do myself, the less I have to leave for other people, which means more editors can devote their energies to other things. I have the aptitude for it, and I have the focus to carry it off.

I don't really have a preferred topic to edit; I have taken the motto of the Wimsey family as my own: "As my whimsey takes me."

King: But, as I said just now, it's a quaint world.

Phantis: Teems with quiet fun.

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