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This user left Wikipedia in an alternate universe...

Flyer22 died sometime between 13:24, 23 October 2015 and 14:21, 23 October 2015. Well, a little after 14:21, 23 October 2015. You can learn more about her at her introduction page and user page. Also see her views on disruptive editors and the administrators who protect the project from them, and her acknowledging a lack of respect for those who don't. The few WP:INVOLVED administrators who seemed like they would block her at any time for protecting the project, especially the one or two acting like she was problematic, also featured low on her "respect list." In fact, it was this latter aspect that led to her death. She was never a big believer in templating the regulars. She was quite the hardened personality or hothead after years of dealing with the worst type of editors, and having such matters exacerbated by nonchalant editors (especially nonchalant administrators who haven't a clue about what content creators go through). She often contemplated leaving this depressing place for good, and was clear that she'd never suggest anyone, let alone a woman, edit Wikipedia. Editors wanting to close the gender gap could not rely on her to spread any good word about this site.

I am the new Flyer22 (Flyer22 Reborn), left in her place. I have some of the same ideas or views as her. And I have the same skills as her (for example, I can surely recognize if you are not a WP:Newbie, even though I likely will not press you on it unless necessary). But unlike Flyer22, I take more of a WP:Don't-give-a-fuckism approach. I might also be painfully nice to you even when you are a highly disruptive editor who deserves no such respect. You can vandalize my user page or talk page, or leave confrontational and/or disparaging remarks on them, and I'll welcome you with open arms, no matter how fake. I might even take the WP:Assume good faith guideline to the extreme, like some other editors here do. You can call me Flyer22, if you like, but mistaking me for the other one is misguided.
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