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Un-Sentimental is the third album by Beowülf, released in 1993. It is the only official Beowülf album to be released under the band name BWF. This album marked a change for the band, drifting more to bluesy rock and abandoning from their classic hardcore thrash style. Released during the grunge era, Beowülf achieved small success with the album in Los Angeles and the band had gathered some following.

Un-Sentimental was the first new album since the band ended with a temporary break up in the early 1990s. Dale Henderson, the band's founder and chief songwriter, is the only original member appearing on the album. Therefore, many purists object to it being called "Beowülf" or simply "BWF" and consider it to be a Dale Henderson solo project. According to Henderson, Mike Jensen (guitar), Paul Yamada (bass) and Michael Alvarado (drums) all declined the invitation to reunite.

The album had no singles, but a music video for "P.O.W. (Pissed Off White Boy)" was made.

Like many Beowülf albums, the recording is out of print.

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