The End of Democracy and America::USA and China are in a Jewish Bind


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The End of Democracy and America NONE.

These traitors are nothing but saboteurs.

So when the next president of the United States would be elected to do away with our dear United States, democracy will be in a bind.

life in prison or more.

power and avoid lapidation.

The rhetoric is that people who are not democrats are not educated. Ad Hominem fallacy. I was young too, and I thought by voting democrat I had better chance to feel smart.


Disillusioned? Yes, thanks God. I was highly educated, I am better now.

The big picture is that authorities control the mind more than you want to. Teachers, media, to name a few. The big picture is that the media controls the mind, whether you know it or not. The big picture is that the United States need to save itself from socialists, and that will involve the American people to either embolden their right to individuality or recognize that the Republic will fail because of its democratic subsystem.

Nothing is above, except the Communist Party, for the good of all below.

The Chinese, again, not bound by Truth, will tell you everything you want to hear.

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The End of Democracy and America
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