Raise Your Voice::USA and China are in a Jewish Bind


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Raise Your Voice But in a state of constant oppression, the Chinese had absolutely no ability to yell since it was repressed at the age of 1.5yo. Diplomats, the protectors of democracy, the inventors of hypocrisy. They are outraged by Trump. A president elected by the people, who is not an elite.

OMG, God Gless America. Long Live America.

May democracy be strong by empowering the power of speech, by empowering the power of individuality.

May all our countries media parasites be tamed by the far right. Be the young wise up. Be the gay, man up. Be the weak, not be a victim. Be the stupid, aware.

Cowboys are back, women need some. Young boys need to see what real men look like.

Oh yes and bums, our disgrace of western society. Rarely seen in China, they may be destitute, but they are destitute knowing who they are.

When everybody is an agent of the global consciousness, and only an agent of the global consciousness.

Those who want to make the U.S. history are not in power. The U.S. history happened when Trump got elected, against all odds.

Except for about half the voters who always believed in him, the media showed its face of a corrupt, democratic based, Jewish owned. Whose greed for power is disrespectful to the United States.

USA and China are in a Jewish Bind sections
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Raise Your Voice
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