Blue Collars against the Jews::USA and China are in a Jewish Bind


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Blue Collars against the Jews No wonder why Hitler is seen as the worst monster in human history. He was a Jesus who criticized Jews. Wait, he was Jesus that had returned.

Of course some people did not see that. And those who said that, are labeled systematically far right neo nazis, holocaust deniers.

When I say more equal and less equal, I am of course implying that the Jews love for democracy only occurs because they can operate their rat financial business in all legality.

Jewish Social Engineering of Americans and Chinese

standard and by no means called alcoholism.

So in China there is no respect for Intellectual Property. Indeed the very contest of establishing a property undermines the common goals set by the Communist Party.

It is awfully western to a Chinese. Chinese like to copy, take, duplicate. They invented printing, the earlier sign of copying. With 1.4 billion people if figures are not minimized to make their GOP more impressive, all they can do is copy. Who can blame them, 1.4 billion people have black hair, 1.4 billion have black eyes, 1.4 billion are trying to reach the balance that their God Confucius set out for them. Interestingly enough, to the jew of course, they do respect Hollywood movies intellectual property, the Chinese bargained hard with the Jews, but Hollywood won.

USA and China are in a Jewish Bind sections
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Blue Collars against the Jews
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